SEER360 Solutions brings a unique, comprehensive hierarchical commodity code system to SAP HANA implementations. With experience and expertise in materials and commodities, our team is uniquely positioned to support your specification review, clean your Material Masters, and support effective master data governance and management. All of our tools can be delivered with embedded reporting so you see how we are managing your data, and how we support your materials management solutions.  Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide specialized industrial materials services and solutions to help organizations manage materials more effectively, achieve purchasing success, and leverage organizational spend through SAP in ways never before possible. We are an official member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem.

Specification Generation & Implementation

We bring a wealth of Line Class experience and engineering as well as materials expertise. Only data that can be organized can be managed. We solve specification challenges and get data in the system right the first time. With decades of experience and a commodity code list proven on multi-billion dollar industrial projects, we can support the cleansing of specifications, which lead to standard materials codes across projects, business units and locations. At SEER360, we combine our insights and skills to transform your materials and strategies, supporting the deep data that SAP delivers, allowing clients to leverage their spend more effectively. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their data.

Deep Data
Cleansing & Cross Referencing

SEER360 brings domain expertise in commodity codes, materials management and data management to our legacy data commodity code engagements. We leverage intelligent coding tools, HANA text analytics and Machine Learning tools to cleanse data efficiently and accurately. Our HANA AI tools help us efficiently sort through volumes of vendor data, purchasing data and current, often duplicated, codes to move our commodities into Seer classifications. Our interactive tool can engage business users to validate and approve the data before moving it to the SAP HANA enterprise application. Our proprietary code supports commodity management and spend leveraging. We can further physically move the materials to our new codes as well, supporting data management and materials inventory management.

Continuous Code Assurance

Companies don't stay still. And neither does their data. SEER360 tools provide a commodity code management and governance framework to maintain and improve data quality. Building on our legacy services, SEER360 provides ongoing commodity support as new projects kick off, new vendors are brought on board, as new corporate acquisitions happen and as new materials requirements are identified. Quarterly updates ensure that the data starts clean and stays clean, allowing our clients to efficiently  leverage their spend across the organization.  

Discover Our Expertise


Founded by a team of materials experts and SAP HANA functional and technical experts, SEER360 brings visibility to commodities which have been lacking in industrial applications. Our leadership brings in a combined 100+ years of experience in Supply Chain Management, and over 30+ years in an SAP environment. Our Seer coding system has been proven on some of the largest projects in the world over the last 30 years. It's hierarchical nature means individual commodities represent unique instances of larger classes and families. This allows owners to focus on a level of specificity that suits their purpose, contracting strategy and situation.  It allows for easy search, analysis and product aggregation, supporting planning, buying and categorization.

Current "punch out", supplier or engineering coding  does not allow for cross project or cross product analysis. It hampers contracting, makes surplus materials unusable, and defeats enterprise rationalization goals. Our best in class Seer coding is proven to support ongoing materials excellence.




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